Peter Dickinson @ KUB

Peter Dickinson Business CoachWelcome to the blog of Peter Dickinson @ KUB.

This blog is all about helping small and medium sized businesses be more successful. It is specifically aimed at those companies with less than £10m turnover as the owner/managers/senior management have to be “experts” in a wide range of functions from bringing in the sales, producing/delivering the products or services, accounting for what has been done and doing it better next time through training and innovation.

Some of the issues facing business today include (but are not limited to):

  • Each year the world seems to shrink and competition more intense.
  • The number of ways that leads can be generated seems to increase with each release of a new technology.
  • Employment law becomes ever more complex.
  • Banks seem to want more for less.
  • Environmental regulation is becoming ever more onerous.
  • Customers are ever more demanding.
  • Globalisation means we are more dependant on what happens around the world (take oil prices as an example.

The list goes on. This series of blogs will concentrate on what you can do about the things under your control and try to find ways to adapt to the things that you can’t control.

For more details about KUB please go to

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